Female English Bulldogs

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Fudge 1 Chocolate and White Color Bulldog

FUDGE, chocolate and white in color and is just a beautiful girl. She is new to our breeding program and looking forward to some very nice babies.

Rhoda 1 Rhoda 2 RHODA, is red and white in color. Her full AKC name is Rhoda 2 Hot 2 Handle.
And she is a hand full. She want to make sure you give her your full attention when she is around you.


Kabbage front Kabbage side KABBAGE,  is red and white in color and is very short and stocky, very well build.
She is home grow. Her daddy is Rylie and Roxie is the mother (Roxie has been retired) and her picture is not on the web site. Her AKC name is D-Best Kabbage Doll.


Wispa 1 Wispa 2 WISPA, is red and white in color, a true sweetheart and simply stunning.


MOCHA MUNCHIE, is red and white in color and a true sweetheart. She is a  daughter of Rambo.


Pickles 1 Pickles 2 PICKLES, is blue fawn in color. She carries the blue gene and can produce blue/grey puppies. She is a Smo daughter. She loves playing around with the cats.  She is of average height and weight.


Raisin 1 Raisin 1 RAISIN, brindle and white in color and carries the blue/grey gene. She is the daughter to Rambo and Pixie. She is around 50 lbs. She is very sweet and like all the others, love attention.
YoYo1 YoYo2 YOYO, blue/grey in color is a daughter from Smo. YoYo is loving and full of energy. She is of average height and weight.


OREO, black and white in color. Oreo is her name, but I wish I had named her Panda because that is really what she looks like. I loved her marking from the day she was born. I think she is beautiful.

OTA, black and white seal in color is sweet as pie. Yes, she has a cherry eye in the pictures and it has been fixed. Does not mean that the puppies will get a cherry eye.
AZLE, is red and white in color and full of energy and ready to play at any time. She is average in height and weight.
Cracker 1 Cracker 2 CRACKER, is solid white in color. Cracker is short and stocky with lots of wrinkles. She is loving and full of energy.


BUG, is her call name and she is red and white in color. She is small in size and is around 45lbs, which makes it easy to hug and cuddle to me. She is a good old lazy Bulldog.
PIXIE, is red and white in color with a black mask. She carries a blue gene and is able to produce blue/gray puppies and is just plain lovable.


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